Sisters – October {Siblings}

Sisters Siblings

It has been 5 years and 9 months since I called myself Mama. In that moment my life, myself, changed forever in the most wonderful way I could ever have imagined. I thought that was the pinnacle. BUT. It has been 20 months since I became a mother of two. Since I could actually use the words I had been dreaming of for so long. My children. My Little Ladies. My Girls. My Two. Continue reading →

Hello Autumn {The Ordinary Moments #32}

Autumn leaves and two sisters playing

I love summer. I love the freedom that it gives you. The long days and big adventures. Added to this I now love the long summer break since Eva started school, spending time with my babies in a relaxed way, throwing on a dress and jumping out the door for the day, or just for a walk to the park and feeling the sun on your back as the children pick flowers all around. Beach days, holidays, alfresco dining and drinking wine in the garden after the children go to bed. I will miss it all. Continue reading →

Sisters – September {Siblings}

Sisters Siblings September Sunset
It seems hard to believe how much has happened in one short month. Since the last siblings post half has been spent still firmly in the grips of summer in France with endless time together, and the other half by stark contrast has seen the start of school once again and has meant much more time apart for my two sisters.

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Bathtime Fun and Bedtime Battles {The Ordinary Moments #31}

Bathtime Fun Little Ladies Big World
Before I became a mum I was under the impression that the fun stuff was the big days out, the celebrations or even the playing you get to do in the garden or the games of tickle and the laughter from the unbridled joy of childhood. Yet when I actually became a mum those 5 years ago, I realised that actually it was the smallest of moments that were the best. Bathtime and bedtime were one of my most favourite parts of any day. Although to start with her allergies and eczema meant Eva wasn’t always a massive bath fan as soon as she was out, wrapped up in a towel in that oh so cute way that makes any child look angelic, cuddled and warm in my arms, she was happy, content, safe. She has always loved books and from a very early age we would snuggle together and read. I remember it like it was yesterday. The way I would sit on the chair in the bay window of our room and kiss her on the head. Take in that intense smell that now is just a distant memory and smile at the way her tired eyes would droop as she fought to keep them open for the last book. Continue reading →