The Little White Highchair {The Ordinary Moments #2}

Ikea white Highchair Antilop

When you first have a baby there is so much stuff that you need. And so much you don’t need, but you think you need, and everyone else has (and also realise they don’t need but they don’t tell you that because, well who knows, because they bought it so why shouldn’t you?!) Continue reading →

Becoming a Mummy For The First Time {Looking Back #1}

becoming a mummy for the first time

It has been 6 years and 14 days since I became a mummy. Since I gave birth to this tiny little 6lb 10oz dot of a thing at 37+4 weeks gestation, on the strike of 3:46pm. That December day in 2010 as everyone else was winding down after Christmas and getting ready to welcome in the new year, I was very ready to welcome in a whole new life in more ways than one, and in that very moment my life completely changed. Continue reading →

Happy 6th Birthday Eva Dee

Happy 6th Birthday Foggy field with balloon

Dear Eva

Today, at 3.46pm exactly, you turned 6 years old. 6 whole years since you came into this world, this world that would not be the same without you in it. In fact you pretty much make ours. People say that a baby turns your world upside down but I can tell you that you definitely turned mine the right way up and from that very moment we have been a team. Continue reading →

No More Milk Please {The Ordinary Moments #38}

eva at 5 in bedroom with books and milk

As a mother I am used to things changing. In that very first moment that I set eyes on my baby girl and held her close to my chest everything changed and since then, it’s pretty constant. No sooner have they (and you) settled into one phase than its time for the next. When I think I have got something nailed they decide otherwise, to change the rules and that that is not the way to handle it anymore. From cluster feeding as a baby, the way I would wind them over my shoulder, the way they like to sleep and when, all the way up to how they like to style their hair or what their favourite book is.  Continue reading →

Hello Autumn {The Ordinary Moments #32}

Autumn leaves and two sisters playing

I love summer. I love the freedom that it gives you. The long days and big adventures. Added to this I now love the long summer break since Eva started school, spending time with my babies in a relaxed way, throwing on a dress and jumping out the door for the day, or just for a walk to the park and feeling the sun on your back as the children pick flowers all around. Beach days, holidays, alfresco dining and drinking wine in the garden after the children go to bed. I will miss it all. Continue reading →

Roma at 18 Months Old

17 months R in a field

To My Littlest Lady

Roma Rose

You are 18 months old (actually thanks to French Wifi issues this post is being published late and today you turn 19 months, but hey who’s counting – I mean except for me!) Whilst it feels like you are growing in front of my eyes at a rate of knots and I wonder how you are a year and a half already, I literally cannot remember or imagine life without you in it. You are the liveliest little thing whom I often refer to as the sunshine in our family because that is exactly what you bring and I am pretty sure that everyone you come into contact with thinks the same. Continue reading →

Me and Mine – July 2016

Me and Mine Family Photo in the corn field

If you have read this blog before or follow me on social media you may know that today we go to France for a month with my husbands work. As I write this post I am actually sat on a ferry neither in England nor yet in France but in a slight no mans land, or at least that’s how it feels. I had full intentions of getting ahead and writing posts before I left but never quite found the time. And our Me and Mine photo, well this months wasn’t exactly supposed to look like this. Continue reading →