A Spontaneous Trip to Disney On Ice – Frozen

Disney On Ice Frozen 2016 Birmingham

When it came to the end of the October half term I had a really overwhelming feeling that I needed to make sure we made the most of these moments. I don’t know whether that is because by the time school is out again my baby will be just a week away from being 6 years old (and I am totally not ready for that) or just because I have absolutely loved spending this week with her at home and I really wanted to extend this time we had together. Continue reading →

Pumpkin Picking at the National Forest Adventure Farm

National Forest Adventure Farm Tatenhill

Autumn is definitely the time of year where I feel like I want to get outdoors and enjoy the milder weather before the frost hits and going outside entails a multitude of layers, hats, scarves and gloves and even then the steering wheel on the school run still makes your fingers go numb. Continue reading →

Sisters – July {Siblings}

Strawberry Picking Sibling Sisters July

As I sit to write this post I can hear my little ladies downstairs with their Daddy, there is laughter and squeals and it’s enough to get me running down those stairs to join them. I am in bed on day 4 of tonsillectomy recovery and my goodness do I miss them like crazy. Eva comes in to me in the morning, after school and before bed. She lies with me, reads to me and tells me about her day. Today I got to go downstairs and spend some time with R too, she chanted my name, talked and talked and she cuddled into me more than she has done for such a long time. I got as close as I could and soaked it all in, she smells like candy floss and fresh air all mixed in this beautifully intoxicating scent, I definitely take it for granted how much they are a constant for me and for each other. The bit I miss the most though is seeing them together, they bring out in each other such joy, contentment and of course utter mischief.

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Sisters – June {Siblings}

Sisters Siblings June

The front door opens with a creek,  I step a foot inside the hall, my head still spinning with the work I just left behind and then I hear it. I hear faint voices, muted laughter and an echo, which teamed with the open stair gate in front of me beckons me up the stairs, my tired legs and little feet can barely make it up the 13 soft carpet covered steps before those little voices turn into excited shouts “Mum, Mum, Mum, Mama, Mama, Mama”. I made it to bath time. Continue reading →

Half Term and an Outdoor Theatre Production {The Ordinary Moments #23}

Peter Rabbit Sisters smelling flowers

It’s no secret that I love half term, that I miss E so much when she is at school that each and every week I contemplate keeping her home with me to spend each minute with her that I can and soak it up, to attempt to turn back the time to the days when all we saw was each other. I can’t quite actually believe that we are quickly heading toward her finishing her first year.  Continue reading →

A Day in Stratford-upon-Avon & The Butterfly Farm

Stratford Butterfly Farm

The school holidays to me are like gold. I miss E so much that I truly count down to the days when she hasn’t got to be up and out and where we can live a little freely, more relaxed and just spend time together. I also really want to make it special, to make the time we have together more than just the every day, to run through the wild flowers and jump onto a train for a big adventure at the drop of a hat. Continue reading →