Sisters – December {Siblings}

Sisters, siblings December in front of the christmas tree

How can I possibly be writing about these two again already? And how can I possibly be saying that they are closer than ever? Each month as their bond develops I think this is the pinnacle and it could not possibly get better, and each month they surprise me!

They have become incredibly close just now and it still makes my heart burst to watch. It does of course come with the thankfully rare yet inevitable squabbles but when they are together the love shines right out of their faces.

I think Eva is loving seeing the magic of Christmas in Roma and being able to share it with her, last week she wrote her letter to Father Christmas and wrote one for Roma too, she signed it “love Eva, Roma’s big sister” and it made me just about the proudest mother alive. They both have an obsession with the elf on the shelf that visits our house every morning, they wait for one another to come down the stairs and are loving nothing more than to dance together to Christmas music.

At the moment Eva calls her little sister the copy cat because she literally copies everything Eva says or does. She can be singing a song, reading a book or having a full blown conversation about things that a 22 month old does not understand and Roma will repeat it back to you seconds later like a parrot…or like she is having that conversation all of her own. It’s a little bit annoying to Eva sometimes but also rather cute and thankfully Eva still sees the funny side.

Roma definitely has the mischief in her eyes and if anyone tells her not to do something she turns her back to do it more or will run in the opposite direction, not helped by the fact that it leaves Eva trying to stifle giggles thus encouraging her even more. It is funny though and I am sure this is why younger siblings get into trouble more!

They seem to have really found their groove this month and learnt alot about each other, what they can handle, when they need space and how to communicate, it is just so special that they have found this mainly from one another. They pretty much spend all their time together, bar school, and neither really seems to mind at all, they will always ask where the other is if they are not there and have started to really play with one another too.

Not to mention to help each other, as I have still been quite poorly and housebound they have helped one another immensely. Eva has taken to her big sister role with practical aspects like helping to get her dressed, washed and fed whilst also entertaining her and explaining what is going on, it somehow seems to sink in coming from her.

Eva sure is such a mature little lady and an utter delight. Roma is so laid back and happy that she isn’t really fazed by much and thus has been the calm in the situation aswell as the joy and this really helps Eva to take her mind off of anything around her and appreciate the moment they are living in together.

The plan was to go out for the first time this past weekend and take our siblings shots at the garden centre on our festive day. Unfortunately it didn’t last that long before I had to return home so we snuggled up and watched a Christmas movie. But before the little ladies could change in their pyjamas and as the light was fading I snapped these in front of the Christmas tree. They are a bit blurry and not great quality but I love them all the same because I really think it shows how close they are and I certainly can see the pride in Eva’s eyes when I look at them.

Roma is the funniest little sister we could ever ask for and she brings light and sunshine to our every day. And Eva, well she was made for the role of big sister, she is just the most loving, caring and thoughtful person, mixed with a perfect amount of sibling craziness. I cannot wait to see them share their Christmas together and see the joy multiply into next year.


Sisters, siblings Decemberkissing in front of the christmas tree Sisters, siblings December in front of the christmas tree Sisters, siblings December in front of the christmas tree Sisters, siblings December in front of the christmas tree Sisters, siblings December in front of the christmas tree Sisters, siblings December in front of the christmas tree Sisters, siblings December in front of the christmas tree Sisters, siblings December in front of the christmas tree Sisters, siblings December in front of the christmas tree

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As it is of course the end of the year and the end of the first year of my blogging journey and linking with this amazing project I just had to take a trip down memory lane with the photos from every month this year. Wow how far they have come.








Siblings Sisters


Sisters Bluebells May 2016


Sisters Siblings June


Strawberry Picking Sibling Sisters July



September – my favourite

Sisters Siblings September Sunset


Sisters Siblings


Sisters November in matching coats

Sisters, siblings December in front of the christmas tree


  1. Mums Space says:

    These are lovely! I still need to try get some of my 2 in front of the tree, Wow how lovely are all the photos you have captured this year, I need to try harder next year!

  2. Laura - dear bear and beany says:

    Lovely photos by the tree. Alice is the same this year, she is enjoying having Holly be more part of the magic. Such a wonderful time and we are looking forward to having Alice home and I am sure you are too with Eva x
    Laura – dear bear and beany recently posted…My Girls…December 2016My Profile

  3. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) says:

    Beautiful photos of your girls and so lovely to look back on the year. Isn’t it lovely to see that close bond getting stronger and stronger? I love the letter that Eva wrote for Roma. Sorry to hear that you are still poorly this month and hope you that you will be feeling much better in time for Christmas x #siblingsproject

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