Living Arrows #3 {2017}

Living Arrows Daffodils

After last weeks Living Arrows post when I said how important it was to capture moments from two separate occasions, this week I have totally failed! It has been a bit of a weird one to be honest with me not feeling 100% for various reasons and so I haven’t really taken that many photos at all but especially not of Eva. Today however was lovely, we went for a mothers day picnic and I took my camera along too and absolutely adored sitting and watching as they both ran around together, following each other in and out of the flowers and relishing in each others joy. They are really becoming a team and I love that.

Roma is so carefree and confident, she ran around the patches of daffodils here and just decided to have a little lie down right in the middle!

Living Arrows daffodils

Eva is usually my sensible one, the one that doesn’t break rules and keeps spotlessly clean as she mothers everyone around her. Just lately though I am seeing some of that disappear and instead, as you can see here, finding her with dirty knees clutching a bunch of flowers despite being allergic. Of course she is still sensible, she has to be, but it is so so amazing to see some of the worries melt away with the years and allowing fun to come first and foremost.


Living Arrows Daffodils

Living Arrows


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