These boots are made for walking {The Ordinary Moments #3}

These Boots are Made for Walking

My Littlest Lady R is very physical. A stark contrast to her big sister and a steep learning curve for me. I don’t know if it is the influence of seeing a 4 year old day in day out doing things she wishes she could do or it would always just have been her nature. However she sure is in a hurry to rush through life.

At 5 months old she crawled, this was a strange concept to me, took me completely by surprise and made me re-evaluate how to parent a moving 5 month old! Not content with this, she started pulling herself up by 6 months and the week she turned 9 months old she took her first steps. You have not been able to stop her since.

This little lady loves to walk.

Every day we are out and about even if just on the school run. She will walk anywhere and everywhere she can, not particularly happy to be restrained! She is fearless and not even objects or people seem to get in her way; whether that be in the street, to school, the playground or in the supermarket. When we bought her these boots she first walked like she had been put in casts – but that didn’t stop her for long. These tiny feet and tiny toes –  in tiny shoes….

This little lady loves to walk.

She attracts a lot of attention at the moment and I get asked frequently how old she is and that she is very sturdy and confident for so little. Of course they are totally right and I am proud of her – but it does mean the baby days didn’t seem to last very long; I feel like I have a fully fledged toddler already and she isn’t even one yet. I did think that maybe as this is our last baby she might stay a baby for a wee bit longer than this, just maybe. It does also mean that capturing a photo or a moment with her is a challenge in itself.

But she is R, and really, I couldn’t imagine her any other way.

As always Mama is super proud of you. Keep being you – but please stop every now and again and look for me…….Mama loves you.


What could be more ordinary than walking – Linking with Katie mummydaddyme for “The Ordinary Moments”

R’s walking journey

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  1. Hannah says:

    How cute are those boots, and I love her hat! I know what you mean about savouring the baby days, I am trying to do the same, but they go so fast!

  2. Mini Travellers says:

    Agreed what could be more ordinary, but when they are that age, what could be cuter. Lovely shots #ordinarymoments

    • Little Ladies Big World says:

      Yes it was and continues to be a challenge! At such a young age there is less awareness, understanding and more mischief to be had!! By the time my eldest walked she was 15 months and talking – definitely understanding the word no!! X

  3. mummydaddyme says:

    Oh bless her, gosh she does sound like she is doing things quickly! 5 months is so early to crawl and she looks like a tiny little dot in those boots. They are gorgeous though. xx

    • Little Ladies Big World says:

      It’s funny as we used to call our eldest ‘little dot’, she was a lot smaller than R but because this one is on the move she seems so much smaller! X

  4. Harriet Lee says:

    Oh bless her! I imagine she looked so tiny to be walking about at just 9 months! She rocks those boots, my little girl has them too and i adore them, she’s worn them every day since we got them in the Autumn! xxx

    • Little Ladies Big World says:

      Ah thank you, they are amazing aren’t they, I’m sure your little girl looks just as trendy! We too has worn them every day! X

  5. Not A Frumpy Mum says:

    Those boots are adorable and wow, walking at 9 months. My son didn’t walk until he was 20 months, lazy little man! x #ordinarymoments

  6. Donna says:

    Oh she looks grown up! I can’t imagine either of my two walking so early – they were well over a year before they started walking and LP was 18 months as she broke her leg at 15 months which really set her back! Beautiful pictures and love the boots x

    • Little Ladies Big World says:

      Ah bless a break at 15 months sounds awful. My eldest E walked about 15 months too so to say it was a shock this time around is an understatement! X

  7. Mary @TheHeartyLife says:

    What a little sweetheart – she is so teeny and like you say strong and I expect going to be a very strong minded powerful woman! Shes a little beaut and deffs filling your life with adventure haha gorgeous pics x #ordinarymoments

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