The Power of Another Mother {The Ordinary Moments #4}

The Power of another mother

We have been through our fair share of illnesses and sleepless nights in this house. In fact, unfortunately, it has become quite ‘ordinary’. Namely E. She has allergy and ENT issues that hopefully will be improved by an operation in a couple of weeks. This I find terrifying and positive in equal measures as hopefully it will make a big difference to her and in turn us. A few months back we had a poorly E and a newly walking and sleep disturbed 9 month old R.

A sleepless night was had by all. Daddy slept on the floor in E’s room for the second time ever after screaming ear pain, followed by a very unwelcome 5 am wake up call from the littlest. It was one of those nights where you stand on the landing in between rooms with what feels like an impossible decision to make. And I wish there was two of me.

I tackled the day alone bleary eyed with the two of them. It had been a long day. A long tough day.

A friend rang, an innocent phone call to see how we were after a busy few weeks had flown by with both having young families. I cried, because as one mother to another knows sometimes, the tiredness, the enormity, the sheer task of the day (and night) ahead, just warrants it!

She listened, she agreed, she validated my feelings and said it gets better….

Not in the way that annoys you and makes you want to scream

“I don’t care about tomorrow. Today feels like crap and I just can’t do it” 

but in a supportive, friendly

“I know how you feel and it is ok” kind of a way.

And you know what. It helped. It helped a lot. More than she knows and more that even I thought it would. I nearly didn’t answer that call. I nearly wrote it off as I juggled a feeding baby, a crying poorly lady sleepy on the sofa, a kitchen full of shopping to be put away and a dishwasher to be emptied. I am so very very glad that I did not.

Fast forward two hours. There is a knock on the door. She brings me coffee. She doesn’t stay, she gives me coffee, some stickers for the poorly one, a hug, a kind word and leaves.

I love her……goodness I would have married her right there right then if I could! And what did I do? What did I do when that person did something nice? Well I cried of course! Because sometimes the nice things warrant it too.

Two doctor’s trips, a burst ear drum, a long nap and a 5 day course of antibiotics and we survived. This is when motherhood is tough, and raw, and somehow instinctive and fabulous too.

Next time I know someone struggling, having a tough day, as we all do. I am sure I can be on the end of the phone. Or the one to drop off a gesture of kindness, of hope, of goodwill to parenting and change that person’s day for the better.

Thank you fellow mother of two friend. I love you.

Linking with Katie over at Mummydaddyme for “The Ordinary Moments.”

The Power of Another Mother


    • Little Ladies Big World says:

      I must say I normally do – she caught me off guard, and I’m so glad! We should all be more honest I think. X

  1. mummydaddyme says:

    What a wonderful friend you have, that really is lovely and I bet you appreciated it more than she could ever know. x

  2. List of Lovely Things says:

    Oh I love that photo of you snuggling under the duvet – that is special! Hoping you have some better days ahead of you. x

  3. Clare says:

    How lovely of her! Sometimes that is exactly what you need, just one person in your life to offer that tiny little gesture and it makes everything ok again. That’s one great friend you have there! #Theordinarymoments xx

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