Garden Fun, Experiments and Bubbles {The Ordinary Moments #24}

Garden Experiments

As I sit and write this it is Saturday evening and it is raining, raining so heavily in fact that it woke me up! After a lovely but busy day celebrating the Mr’s birthday we put my Little Ladies to bed and I lay there on mine to ensure all was quiet and they were in fact asleep before I went downstairs, just like I do every night, yet within minutes it was me whom was asleep. Fast forward 2 hours and the drumming of the rain on the open windows, the water spitting on the windowsill was enough to wake me and realise I needed to come and write this post. Continue reading →

The Yellow Fields

Rapeseed Fields

We are lucky here in the fact that although we live on the outskirts of a town there is so much countryside all around and you only have to drive a few minutes before there are fields and trees adorning the landscape everywhere you look. There is something about the countryside, the open air and the view for miles that instill a sense of calm for me, a contentment that nothing else can match. I always feel like I could easily just plant myself in the middle of it on a picnic blanket with a book and have the children running around me in their own little world of adventure. Continue reading →

Photography – A Journey not a Destination

Photography DSC_0642 (2)

I adore photography. The way that one picture can tell a story, the fact that even if you have an awful memory like mine you just have to look at a photo, a moment captured for all the memories and emotions to come flooding back. That moment frozen, in time forever. That for each person that looks at said photo and indeed that was in it has a different story to tell. Continue reading →