Paris with a Baby {Looking Back #3}

Travel Paris with a baby Eiffel Tower

Eddy and I absolutely love travel. This could be quite a surprising fact given that we both actually still live in the very same town we grew up in. But that’s probably more due to circumstance than choice and we both agree that there is really nothing better than waking up somewhere new.

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My December Birthday, My Fairy Party & My Overcompensating Mum

December Birthday Fairy Party food Fairy Cake

Once upon a time there was a girl whom was inconsiderately born just 5 days after Christmas….and on that day she would quite liked to have crawled back into the womb and saved everybody the pain and heartache of complaining about this ‘Christmas birthday’ every single year for the rest of her life Continue reading →

The Little White Highchair {The Ordinary Moments #2}

Ikea white Highchair Antilop

When you first have a baby there is so much stuff that you need. And so much you don’t need, but you think you need, and everyone else has (and also realise they don’t need but they don’t tell you that because, well who knows, because they bought it so why shouldn’t you?!) Continue reading →

Becoming a Mummy For The First Time {Looking Back #1}

becoming a mummy for the first time

It has been 6 years and 14 days since I became a mummy. Since I gave birth to this tiny little 6lb 10oz dot of a thing at 37+4 weeks gestation, on the strike of 3:46pm. That December day in 2010 as everyone else was winding down after Christmas and getting ready to welcome in the new year, I was very ready to welcome in a whole new life in more ways than one, and in that very moment my life completely changed. Continue reading →

My Hyperemesis Baby Loss Story

baby loss two little ladies one missing termination in pregnancy hyperemesisGrief is a funny old thing. It can hit you when you least expect it, for little to no reason at all or the slightest memory reminds you of the hurt that is hiding away just below the surface. Today as I went about my normal day it hit me. Consumed me. All I could feel was grief, guilt, anger, sadness and disappointment. As I went about my day my only thought was trying to stop the tears from flowing. Continue reading →

Bathtime Fun and Bedtime Battles {The Ordinary Moments #31}

Bathtime Fun Little Ladies Big World
Before I became a mum I was under the impression that the fun stuff was the big days out, the celebrations or even the playing you get to do in the garden or the games of tickle and the laughter from the unbridled joy of childhood. Yet when I actually became a mum those 5 years ago, I realised that actually it was the smallest of moments that were the best. Bathtime and bedtime were one of my most favourite parts of any day. Although to start with her allergies and eczema meant Eva wasn’t always a massive bath fan as soon as she was out, wrapped up in a towel in that oh so cute way that makes any child look angelic, cuddled and warm in my arms, she was happy, content, safe. She has always loved books and from a very early age we would snuggle together and read. I remember it like it was yesterday. The way I would sit on the chair in the bay window of our room and kiss her on the head. Take in that intense smell that now is just a distant memory and smile at the way her tired eyes would droop as she fought to keep them open for the last book. Continue reading →

An Adult Tonsillectomy and Forced “Me Time”


Two weeks ago today I had a tonsillectomy, and I know it seems strange to refer to an operation as “me time” but you see I am not very good at the whole me time thing. I am so aware of how days, weeks and years fly by with young children that I find myself just wanting to make the most of it, to make their world a perfect place and try to soak up every moment, enjoy it and not miss a single second. Continue reading →