Me and Mine – June 2016


me and mine family photo June

June has been jam packed for us yet again, as I look back over the photo’s I can’t actually believe that we have managed to do so much in one short month and realise just why it feels like time is speeding by in a flash. Why I look at the photo’s and wonder where my baby went and how in a few short weeks Eva will have finished her first school year. There are so many reasons this month that I just want to hold them tight, to keep them safe and feel secure in return. Continue reading →

Me and Mine – April 2016

Family Me and Mine

At the moment I really wish time would slow down just a little bit, for life to give me a few more seconds in every minute to really take in the world around me and the people that are in it. I mean how is April over already? I am acutely aware of the days, weeks and months slipping by me and my Little Ladies growing and changing more with each passing moment. Continue reading →

Me and Mine – March 2016


It’s the last day of the month, and time to share photo’s of me and mine. This month has been a long one, not in the sense that it has dragged at all but that we seem to have crammed so much in and looking back it seems to have lasted a long time. So much has changed. It hasn’t been full of anything particularly exciting, no big adventures or trips out that inevitably make time go that little bit faster, just the ordinary every day. Whilst February was very much about spending time together simple family time and being there for each other; March has been about us all as individuals too. Continue reading →

Me And Mine – January 2016

Little Ladies Big World Me and Mine
I knew when I started blogging that the Me and Mine Project over at dear beautiful was something I wanted to join in with. I have enjoyed reading over the years and knew that we did not have enough family photos, it was something I wanted to change. Now I have the perfect incentive. I am very excited to be joining in this month for the very first time. I’m a little bit late as I wanted to capture the moment today.

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