Me and Mine – February 2017

Me and Mine Family Photos February on bridge
This is probably the latest I have ever left writing this post. And it will probably be one of the shortest too. It is Tuesday morning and despite having the photos ready and uploaded at the weekend (which I was secretly a little smug about) I just haven’t gotten around to putting any words to them. I guess that is a true representation of blogging life at the moment, and how real life sometimes gets in the way.

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Me and Mine – October 2016

Me and Mine October Autumn family photos
As I sit down to write these posts its so hard to talk about our month. What has October given us? I struggle to think about what we did yesterday nevermind remember the whole month! But as I look through photos and remind myself of what every one of these 31 days has given us I know that it has been a good one.

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Me and Mine – September 2016

Me and Mine Family Photo september golden autumn light sitting on the grass

September has been a month of adjustment. After an amazing August in France, the last few weeks have been ordinary and busy as we have settled into being back. I still remember that feeling, that surge of familiarity as we pulled onto the drive, the utter joy and calm as we fell into our own bed after so long. As we sunk into the mattress, felt the clean crisp sheets and my head hit my very own pillow in almost slow motion to start the best nights sleep ever. I welcomed the click of an electric kettle which only takes 2 minutes to boil, to drink water from the tap again became a relief and to turn on the television and be greeted by a language I fully understand!

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Me and Mine – August 2016

Sunset beach family picture france

Wow, what a month this has been. August I have to say has been anything but ordinary and probably a month that I will remember fondly for the rest of my life. As I sat down to write last months Me and Mine post we were on the Ferry to France for the start of our big adventure. And now all of a sudden we are on the return leg of our journey and it seems only fitting to be sat once again on the ferry writing this post. Yet now we are not full of excitement of what August may hold, what adventures we could have and how beautiful the beach would be. We are full of happiness, we have the amazing memories we have made along the way and a reinvigorated love of travel. Continue reading →

Me and Mine – July 2016

Me and Mine Family Photo in the corn field

If you have read this blog before or follow me on social media you may know that today we go to France for a month with my husbands work. As I write this post I am actually sat on a ferry neither in England nor yet in France but in a slight no mans land, or at least that’s how it feels. I had full intentions of getting ahead and writing posts before I left but never quite found the time. And our Me and Mine photo, well this months wasn’t exactly supposed to look like this. Continue reading →

Me and Mine – June 2016


me and mine family photo June

June has been jam packed for us yet again, as I look back over the photo’s I can’t actually believe that we have managed to do so much in one short month and realise just why it feels like time is speeding by in a flash. Why I look at the photo’s and wonder where my baby went and how in a few short weeks Eva will have finished her first school year. There are so many reasons this month that I just want to hold them tight, to keep them safe and feel secure in return. Continue reading →