Me and Mine – February 2017

Me and Mine Family Photos February on bridge
This is probably the latest I have ever left writing this post. And it will probably be one of the shortest too. It is Tuesday morning and despite having the photos ready and uploaded at the weekend (which I was secretly a little smug about) I just haven’t gotten around to putting any words to them. I guess that is a true representation of blogging life at the moment, and how real life sometimes gets in the way.

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A Spontaneous Trip to Disney On Ice – Frozen

Disney On Ice Frozen 2016 Birmingham

When it came to the end of the October half term I had a really overwhelming feeling that I needed to make sure we made the most of these moments. I don’t know whether that is because by the time school is out again my baby will be just a week away from being 6 years old (and I am totally not ready for that) or just because I have absolutely loved spending this week with her at home and I really wanted to extend this time we had together. Continue reading →

Sisters – October {Siblings}

Sisters Siblings

It has been 5 years and 9 months since I called myself Mama. In that moment my life, myself, changed forever in the most wonderful way I could ever have imagined. I thought that was the pinnacle. BUT. It has been 20 months since I became a mother of two. Since I could actually use the words I had been dreaming of for so long. My children. My Little Ladies. My Girls. My Two. Continue reading →

Me and Mine – September 2016

Me and Mine Family Photo september golden autumn light sitting on the grass

September has been a month of adjustment. After an amazing August in France, the last few weeks have been ordinary and busy as we have settled into being back. I still remember that feeling, that surge of familiarity as we pulled onto the drive, the utter joy and calm as we fell into our own bed after so long. As we sunk into the mattress, felt the clean crisp sheets and my head hit my very own pillow in almost slow motion to start the best nights sleep ever. I welcomed the click of an electric kettle which only takes 2 minutes to boil, to drink water from the tap again became a relief and to turn on the television and be greeted by a language I fully understand!

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Your Year 1 Adventure Begins

School picture 1st Day in year 1

To Eva

Today you started your new adventure in year 1. Year 1! Even as I write that it doesn’t seem like it can be real. It really feels like 5 minutes since your very first day and even less since I wrote about your last day in reception. A huge part of me can’t even quite believe that you are old enough to be a fully fledged school child. That you are no longer the baby in the school and this is no longer new. As we walked up that familiar hill on the approach to school this morning I felt the difference. You didn’t hesitate, there was no firm grip of my hand or burrowing into me as someone spoke. You talked confidently about your summer, took ownership of the mountain of bags you seem to need on that first day and felt comfortable that you just knew what to do. After of course giving me a kiss you didn’t even glance back as you walked in through that gate, on your own, confident with your head held high. Continue reading →

Beach Days in Brittany {The Ordinary Moments #29}

Brittany Beach Days

It seems surreal to say that beach days for us are an ordinary moment. Living in Staffordshire we are pretty much as far away as you can get from a beach. Yet at the moment and for 4 whole weeks we have one within a 3 minute walk. So it is, if not just for now, an ordinary moment. Continue reading →