Me and Mine – September 2016

Me and Mine Family Photo september golden autumn light sitting on the grass

September has been a month of adjustment. After an amazing August in France, the last few weeks have been ordinary and busy as we have settled into being back. I still remember that feeling, that surge of familiarity as we pulled onto the drive, the utter joy and calm as we fell into our own bed after so long. As we sunk into the mattress, felt the clean crisp sheets and my head hit my very own pillow in almost slow motion to start the best nights sleep ever. I welcomed the click of an electric kettle which only takes 2 minutes to boil, to drink water from the tap again became a relief and to turn on the television and be greeted by a language I fully understand!

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A Big Girls Bed {The Ordinary Moments #33}

19 month old in toddler bed from a cot cuddling toys

I remember the day. The exciting day almost 2 years ago when having just passed the 20 weeks stage of pregnancy, we put together the cot ready for our second little lady to enter the world. The day that made it feel so much more real. We had a nursery, it seemed so exciting yet so surreal. Continue reading →

Outfit Photo’s – A Little Holiday Tradition


A few days ago as we went about our ordinary mornings of getting ready for school and work Eva turned to me and said “Mum I miss taking outfit photos every day like when we were in France, shall we do it now?” And whilst I did explain that school uniform was probably not something that would be that interesting every single day she was so keen that I didn’t have the heart to say no. I did indeed take a photo of them in front of our newly painted but still a little tired garage door. The littlest had no shoes on because she was spending the day at home with my sister and they both had cheesy grins, but I dutifully posted it on instagram and went off to work. Continue reading →

Hello Autumn {The Ordinary Moments #32}

Autumn leaves and two sisters playing

I love summer. I love the freedom that it gives you. The long days and big adventures. Added to this I now love the long summer break since Eva started school, spending time with my babies in a relaxed way, throwing on a dress and jumping out the door for the day, or just for a walk to the park and feeling the sun on your back as the children pick flowers all around. Beach days, holidays, alfresco dining and drinking wine in the garden after the children go to bed. I will miss it all. Continue reading →

Sisters – September {Siblings}

Sisters Siblings September Sunset
It seems hard to believe how much has happened in one short month. Since the last siblings post half has been spent still firmly in the grips of summer in France with endless time together, and the other half by stark contrast has seen the start of school once again and has meant much more time apart for my two sisters.

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Bathtime Fun and Bedtime Battles {The Ordinary Moments #31}

Bathtime Fun Little Ladies Big World
Before I became a mum I was under the impression that the fun stuff was the big days out, the celebrations or even the playing you get to do in the garden or the games of tickle and the laughter from the unbridled joy of childhood. Yet when I actually became a mum those 5 years ago, I realised that actually it was the smallest of moments that were the best. Bathtime and bedtime were one of my most favourite parts of any day. Although to start with her allergies and eczema meant Eva wasn’t always a massive bath fan as soon as she was out, wrapped up in a towel in that oh so cute way that makes any child look angelic, cuddled and warm in my arms, she was happy, content, safe. She has always loved books and from a very early age we would snuggle together and read. I remember it like it was yesterday. The way I would sit on the chair in the bay window of our room and kiss her on the head. Take in that intense smell that now is just a distant memory and smile at the way her tired eyes would droop as she fought to keep them open for the last book. Continue reading →

Your Year 1 Adventure Begins

School picture 1st Day in year 1

To Eva

Today you started your new adventure in year 1. Year 1! Even as I write that it doesn’t seem like it can be real. It really feels like 5 minutes since your very first day and even less since I wrote about your last day in reception. A huge part of me can’t even quite believe that you are old enough to be a fully fledged school child. That you are no longer the baby in the school and this is no longer new. As we walked up that familiar hill on the approach to school this morning I felt the difference. You didn’t hesitate, there was no firm grip of my hand or burrowing into me as someone spoke. You talked confidently about your summer, took ownership of the mountain of bags you seem to need on that first day and felt comfortable that you just knew what to do. After of course giving me a kiss you didn’t even glance back as you walked in through that gate, on your own, confident with your head held high. Continue reading →

Time For A Change {The Ordinary Moments #30}

Sunset jumping /starting over in a new direction

This week has been a mixture of really lovely days spent enjoying this time before school starts and a serious period of adjustment for me. Coming back after a month away has been a lot tougher than I had imagined, a big change and a lot busier. Life can be hectic in general and this year I feel like I have been frazzled pretty much most of the time, like I am always worried I have missed something or I am constantly playing catch up and attempting to be organised whilst trying to grab and appreciate every moment. Even if I do take some time out to just be with the children or by myself I am always thinking that it is at the detriment of my growing to do list. It’s fair to say I haven’t quite mastered that balance just yet. Therefore as far as making time for things I actually want to do, well that has become a rare occurrence and I hate that just as much. Continue reading →

Roma at 18 Months Old

17 months R in a field

To My Littlest Lady

Roma Rose

You are 18 months old (actually thanks to French Wifi issues this post is being published late and today you turn 19 months, but hey who’s counting – I mean except for me!) Whilst it feels like you are growing in front of my eyes at a rate of knots and I wonder how you are a year and a half already, I literally cannot remember or imagine life without you in it. You are the liveliest little thing whom I often refer to as the sunshine in our family because that is exactly what you bring and I am pretty sure that everyone you come into contact with thinks the same. Continue reading →