Me and Mine – July 2016

Me and Mine Family Photo in the corn field

If you have read this blog before or follow me on social media you may know that today we go to France for a month with my husbands work. As I write this post I am actually sat on a ferry neither in England nor yet in France but in a slight no mans land, or at least that’s how it feels. I had full intentions of getting ahead and writing posts before I left but never quite found the time. And our Me and Mine photo, well this months wasn’t exactly supposed to look like this. Continue reading →

DITL Vlog – First day of the Summer Holidays


As I was at work Monday and Tuesday, yesterday was the first day of the holidays for me, the first day in a long while due to my operation and of course school that I had been with both children on my own. I was so excited and looking forward to spending this time with them, just an ordinary day at home with my babies before we set off on our big french adventure for August. I also decided to try and film a little bit and make a video as I want to start doing this more and having found a broken camera that I usually use, last week I ordered myself a new one and wanted to practice before we go away. Not with the intention of writing about it at all. Continue reading →

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An Adult Tonsillectomy and Forced “Me Time”


Two weeks ago today I had a tonsillectomy, and I know it seems strange to refer to an operation as “me time” but you see I am not very good at the whole me time thing. I am so aware of how days, weeks and years fly by with young children that I find myself just wanting to make the most of it, to make their world a perfect place and try to soak up every moment, enjoy it and not miss a single second. Continue reading →

R is for…..

Baby Name Roma

Since sharing my eldest Little Ladies name here I have been meaning to sit down and share R’s name too, after the excitement and the nerves hovering over the publish button came the realisation that I had to write this one aswell. I have loved sharing her name and am so happy with the decision but something feels different this time. I feel the kind of nerves and excitement where you get butterflies in your tummy, the kind where you are so overwhelmed it’s hard to find the perfect words as the final piece of the puzzle for this online space of mine takes place. Much like when we made that journey back home from the hospital with her, the four of us, my whole and complete world in one car. We walked into the house together on that cold February day with everything we had ever wanted and I remember crying at the sheer perfection of that moment, sitting with a cup of tea and looking around at the life I got to lead each and every day. Continue reading →

The Book Bag {The Ordinary Moments #27}

School book Bag DSC_2990 (2)

There is nothing like an un-ordinary week to remind you that with children, even in the most extraordinary of times there will always be the ordinary, the usual, the mundane. These are the moments I will miss when they pass in the blink of an eye and I can’t remember, and indeed are the moments I have missed this week. I have sat in bed for the past 6 days and missed all the ordinary life going on around me, downstairs, outside, in school. I honestly hate the school run, every single day it surprises me, even as we edge closer to the end of the first year it comes as a shock that I really have to do this every single day and say goodbye to my girl whom I miss so very dearly whilst she is at school all day. I know I shouldn’t say that and I should let her have her time, her day and I do, of course I do but I just miss her terribly. Continue reading →

Sisters – July {Siblings}

Strawberry Picking Sibling Sisters July

As I sit to write this post I can hear my little ladies downstairs with their Daddy, there is laughter and squeals and it’s enough to get me running down those stairs to join them. I am in bed on day 4 of tonsillectomy recovery and my goodness do I miss them like crazy. Eva comes in to me in the morning, after school and before bed. She lies with me, reads to me and tells me about her day. Today I got to go downstairs and spend some time with R too, she chanted my name, talked and talked and she cuddled into me more than she has done for such a long time. I got as close as I could and soaked it all in, she smells like candy floss and fresh air all mixed in this beautifully intoxicating scent, I definitely take it for granted how much they are a constant for me and for each other. The bit I miss the most though is seeing them together, they bring out in each other such joy, contentment and of course utter mischief.

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Feeling Scared and Being “Just” Mum

Strawberry Picking Parenting


Life lately is pretty hectic and pretty stressful, my Nana is seriously ill and my Dad has returned from living abroad for nearly 10 years as he is also ill having had a stroke. That teamed with every day life with two children, a house to run, a busy job, a musculoskeletal condition, school life and the fact that we head to France for a month in less than three weeks just makes for a very fuzzy head most of the time. I have this sense of urgency that seems like days and weeks and even months are streaking by and I feel almost like I am missing it. Like I want to grasp it with both hands, to freeze time and really appreciate every single moment before it has gone in an instant. Before my Little Ladies are another day older and I haven’t been fully present in the day. And now, well now I am about to make it even more complicated. Continue reading →

Sports Day and a First School Report {The Ordinary Moments #26}

Reception Sports Day

I walk across the field with little soft fingers gripping tightly to one hand, bags, chairs and picnic blanket weighing down the other as I will for those little legs to keep moving onwards to our destination. Not get innocently distracted by another flower to pick up for her sister, the dog that just ran past, the huge slide that given half the chance she runs to and climbs the steps despite being just too small for, or waving to the “pairplane” in the blue sky above. Continue reading →

Britmums 2016 – My First Blogging Event

Britmums Live 2016 #BML16 The Brewery London

I am a blogger – writing that is really strange, I don’t feel like a blogger I feel like someone who writes a blog – and there’s a difference right!? For 6 months now I have written this blog and it is by far the best thing (bar my family of course!) that I have ever entered into and for those 6 months I have thought of it every single day. On a whim that ordinary winters day and without any real technological, writing or photography experience I decided to jump into the unknown feet first and publish that first post. To start something that truthfully I had been thinking about doing for 5 years, and now, part of me is mad for not having the courage to start it sooner.  Continue reading →