Sleep Deprivation and Feeling Proud {The Ordinary Moments #22}

Little Ladies Sleep Deprivation

Motherhood is all consuming, it has amazing indescribable highs and crushing lows, sometimes all in one small day. As I sit here it’s Sunday morning and I haven’t blogged for a week. I am not at a loss as what to write, in fact I have lots to say, lots to share, draft posts all over the place and every single night I ‘write’ a post or two in my head as I lie in bed processing the day that is behind me and the one in front. As we end the day, as the evening draws in I always feel motivated to sit and write and have all intentions of doing that once the children are asleep. Now this is where it comes unstuck. Continue reading →

Pre-Bedtime Cuddles {The Ordinary Moments #21}

Bedtime Cuddles

This week has been a very ordinary one, very busy filled with work, school, the Mr working and out alot and me doing plenty of solo parenting and bedtimes, the usual household shopping,  cooking, cleaning and days going by without you even realising it. So ordinary that I contemplated not writing a post this week, that really I had nothing to say and no particular photos to share either. Continue reading →



Today is International Hyperemesis Awareness Day.

I am all too aware of that word. I have written about my hyperemesis story before and I thought that was all I had to say. All I could share. Yet I sit here tonight and I can’t stop thinking about it. I don’t want it to define me, to govern my every day and to be honest it has left things so raw I don’t think I could. Yet it has changed me immeasurably, changed my view on my family, my relationship with my first born child, her own outlook on pregnancy, the dynamics, my view of myself, pretty much every aspect of my life. We move on, and to the outsider who knows no different we are just like anyone else. I was a little bit sick in pregnancy but here I am the other side and that’s just a story now. But it never ever goes away, never leaves your mind and I still wouldn’t want any other women to have to go through it. I can’t forget it. If I forget it I am afraid that will mean I forget the life that never was, I can’t do that, I can’t fail them again. Continue reading →

Sisters – May {Siblings}

Sisters Bluebells May 2016

When I was pregnant with R I worried alot about the age gap, about the fact that at just turned 4 years old E was already an old soul, very grown up and that maybe due to a loss in between I had left it too late for them really to bond. That they would be into different things, at a different time in their life and that it would be like parenting only children – twice over! Continue reading →

The Colour Run {The Ordinary Moments #20}

Colour Run Darley Park

Early in the morning as the sun comes up, peaks through the black out blinds and fights its way around the curtains little eyes begin to open, call out for us and we hear small feet clamber out of bed and across the landing. It’s Sunday, the day that pre-children means lazy mornings, lie ins, breakfast in bed and hot coffee and with small children can mean early mornings trying to catch just one more minute in bed, food planning, organizing the week ahead, ironing and homework. Last Sunday however was the kind that E and her daddy had looked forward to for weeks. The kind of day that breeds infectious excitement I want to bottle up and keep forever – or perhaps use on those dark winter mornings where no one wants to go to work or school! Continue reading →

A Day in Stratford-upon-Avon & The Butterfly Farm

Stratford Butterfly Farm

The school holidays to me are like gold. I miss E so much that I truly count down to the days when she hasn’t got to be up and out and where we can live a little freely, more relaxed and just spend time together. I also really want to make it special, to make the time we have together more than just the every day, to run through the wild flowers and jump onto a train for a big adventure at the drop of a hat. Continue reading →

The Little Yellow Coat {The Ordinary Moments #19}

A Little Yellow Coat


This week has been a little less ordinary than most with the Mr taking the week off work, it has been a busy one with time together and has also meant lots of jobs around the house being tackled, our bedroom has finally had a makeover and we set to sorting out the little jobs, the ones that get put off as life with two children, school and jobs takes over and wanting to fill other times with fun and adventure. Continue reading →

The Yellow Fields

Rapeseed Fields

We are lucky here in the fact that although we live on the outskirts of a town there is so much countryside all around and you only have to drive a few minutes before there are fields and trees adorning the landscape everywhere you look. There is something about the countryside, the open air and the view for miles that instill a sense of calm for me, a contentment that nothing else can match. I always feel like I could easily just plant myself in the middle of it on a picnic blanket with a book and have the children running around me in their own little world of adventure. Continue reading →

A Trampoline {The Ordinary Moments #18}

Trampoline Fun

For us as a family the prospect of a big celebration, Christmas, Easter, birthdays, they always come with a degree of trepidation. I have written before here about E, she has multiple allergies including food allergies and in a society with food and specifically chocolate and treats dominating celebrations more and more every single event comes with forward planning here. Unfortunately we do receive a tricky response to her allergies sometimes and especially since E started school in September it has been tricky that she isn’t invited to parties or that the parents or even the school are worried about what she may or may not be able to eat and feeling different. Yet here, in her own house she is just like the rest of us, her safety net, her happy place. Continue reading →