Me and Mine – April 2016

Family Me and Mine

At the moment I really wish time would slow down just a little bit, for life to give me a few more seconds in every minute to really take in the world around me and the people that are in it. I mean how is April over already? I am acutely aware of the days, weeks and months slipping by me and my Little Ladies growing and changing more with each passing moment. Continue reading →

School Days & Missing Pre-School {The Ordinary Moments #17}

Teacher Thank you

This week has been a big week for lots of parents, parents waiting to find out if their child has been placed in their first, second or even any of their chosen schools for Primary application. Reading posts, tweets and conversations about it has really brought it all back for me, what we went through at this same time last year.  Continue reading →

Sisters – April {Siblings}

Siblings Sisters


I am a little late with my siblings post, I actually have lots of photo’s of my Little Ladies together this month thanks to school holidays, Easter, lighter evenings and the milder weather. I have just neglected to find the time to write the post! At the moment it is actually pretty difficult to get a picture of one without the other as they are constantly together, of course they rarely look in the same direction or are busy running after/into one another but they are just the best of friends and I love watching the bond they have grow, more than anything in the world. Continue reading →

The Marina – Our “Go To” Place {The Ordinary Moments #16}

Marina Little Ladies Big World

These last few weeks have for various reasons been a little tough, I think as a parent of two children I find the accumulation of needs a little daunting sometimes. I feel awful to say that but someone always needs something, whether that be the immediate toileting needs, a drink, food, sleep, getting them something or even answering a question for the 100th time and the looming homework deadline to think about. Continue reading →

Easter with Allergies {The Ordinary Moments #14}

Little Ladies Big World

This week has been all about Easter. It has been full, full of seeing friends and family, people we don’t see nearly often enough as life inevitably gets in the way but that we enjoy so so much when we do. Relaxed trips to the park, soaking up the long weekend with the Mr at home and then enjoying lazy mornings with no school run where we can eat our breakfast in our pyjamas whilst we wave Daddy off to work. It is a lovely time of year, of family time, of fun, about celebrating the spring, the new adventures and now since E started school it is also about having these two lovely weeks to spend with her at home. And of course chocolate. Because what is Easter without chocolate…..right? It’s like Christmas without presents, Birthdays without cake, Valentines without love. Chocolate of all shapes, sizes and varieties adorn shelves everywhere in the weeks (sometimes months) leading to Easter and is what 99% of Easter activities are geared towards. And why not? It has become synonymous with this time of year and what is the harm? It’s all about balance after all. Continue reading →