Me and Mine – March 2016


It’s the last day of the month, and time to share photo’s of me and mine. This month has been a long one, not in the sense that it has dragged at all but that we seem to have crammed so much in and looking back it seems to have lasted a long time. So much has changed. It hasn’t been full of anything particularly exciting, no big adventures or trips out that inevitably make time go that little bit faster, just the ordinary every day. Whilst February was very much about spending time together simple family time and being there for each other; March has been about us all as individuals too. Continue reading →

School Choir and A Very Special Day {The Ordinary Moments #13}


Since September and the start of full time education for E, a lot of our ordinary moments, our every day, has revolved around school. Whether that be the school run itself, attending events, reading, writing, homework, down to playing “teachers” (which I love as this allows me a little insight into her school day) or even talking about school. It has become such an ordinary part of our lives.

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Photography – A Journey not a Destination

Photography DSC_0642 (2)

I adore photography. The way that one picture can tell a story, the fact that even if you have an awful memory like mine you just have to look at a photo, a moment captured for all the memories and emotions to come flooding back. That moment frozen, in time forever. That for each person that looks at said photo and indeed that was in it has a different story to tell. Continue reading →

A New Job {The Ordinary Moments #12}

New Job DSC_0332

My youngest Little Lady has always been with me. For 13 months I am just a constant. She is a very confident, independent child whom is happy to go to anyone, happy in her adventures. When she turns around though, I am there, if she falls I am there, when she is hungry I am there, as she closes her eyes at the end of the day, wakes up in the night and then opens them in the morning; I am there. Continue reading →

Blinking – Our Own Language {The Ordinary Moments #11}


I sit there on the chair in the corner of a dimly lit room feeding baby R before bedtime. I look at her in amazement, staring right into those big innocent eyes, the eyes that can melt my heart with just a glance, the eyes that just 4 short months ago came screaming into this world changing it forever, the eyes that remind me that time goes by so fast and that I had better soak up every moment whilst I can. Continue reading →