They Need Me



Today has been one of those days. Those days that you go into fully expecting to be nothing other than Mum. Where you are happy to be that and nothing else, to be solely there for your child. E had her operation scheduled. At 7.30am we bundled a very hungry 5 year old up to the hospital leaving R with Grandma. Continue reading →

Quality Time {The Ordinary Moments #6}


When pregnant with R, the one thing I was looking forward to more than anything else was watching E become a sibling and indeed watching them together and their bond grow. I have to say it has so far been more wonderful than I ever thought possible. 12 months on and it’s almost like she has always been here. I did however also wonder how I would feel about sharing my time with E, the time we had 4 whole years to get used to being together. We have always been a team me and E, just us in the week and then three with Daddy. Quality time. Continue reading →

Pregnancy – My Hyperemesis Story

Little Ladies Big World Hyperemesis

When I found out I was expecting my first child there was this feeling of overwhelming joy, a much wanted, planned for pregnancy. Having been married 8 months and just 6 weeks earlier moved into our new house it was a wonderful whirlwind of emotions. I pictured 9 months of this same excitement as we got ready to welcome our new baby into this little world we had created, our family. I pictured the growing baby, the perfect little bump on my petite frame, the beautiful pregnant lady body, the kicks, the nursery planning, the times just us enjoying every moment before our lives changed forever, the glow that everyone gets…..Right??? Continue reading →