Me And Mine – January 2016

Little Ladies Big World Me and Mine
I knew when I started blogging that the Me and Mine Project over at dear beautiful was something I wanted to join in with. I have enjoyed reading over the years and knew that we did not have enough family photos, it was something I wanted to change. Now I have the perfect incentive. I am very excited to be joining in this month for the very first time. I’m a little bit late as I wanted to capture the moment today.

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Little Lady E’s Birth Story – 5 Years Later

Little Ladies Big World E's Birth Story

I have been contemplating writing a blog for 5 years – I lacked the confidence and to be honest now only 3 weeks in I am kicking myself that I did not do it sooner. I LOVE it! The thing I love most is that I am documenting those days, the emotions, the details that may otherwise be forgotten. The ordinary every day that I know have been lost, some of my 5 year old’s early years I can’t recall and I wish I did. At the time I felt like this was amazing and I wanted to remember it forever, the feeling lingers but the details drift. Especially as having your first is such a different experience to adding to the family. Anyway I digress, so I am going to write some posts retrospectively, recorded for me, for my little ladies and forever. Continue reading →

The Power of Another Mother {The Ordinary Moments #4}

The Power of another mother

We have been through our fair share of illnesses and sleepless nights in this house. In fact, unfortunately, it has become quite ‘ordinary’. Namely E. She has allergy and ENT issues that hopefully will be improved by an operation in a couple of weeks. This I find terrifying and positive in equal measures as hopefully it will make a big difference to her and in turn us. A few months back we had a poorly E and a newly walking and sleep disturbed 9 month old R. Continue reading →

My Heart in her Hand.

My eldest Little Lady E is a mummy’s girl. She always has been and whilst she loves her dad, she needs me. At 5 years old she will still stick to my side in almost all scenarios and even at home is more often than not found in the same room that I am. Usually with a part of her body touching mine or as near as damn it! So close in fact that sometimes I have to remind her to give me some space. Totally aware of this, she is very mature and also knows too well that I may have to rush off and save R from whatever mischief she has found upon. As even at just 11 months R is definitely showing signs she will be somewhat different to her big sister and can usually been seen running as far as she can get away with!! But given the choice E would be right there with me, wherever that may be. Continue reading →

These boots are made for walking {The Ordinary Moments #3}

These Boots are Made for Walking

My Littlest Lady R is very physical. A stark contrast to her big sister and a steep learning curve for me. I don’t know if it is the influence of seeing a 4 year old day in day out doing things she wishes she could do or it would always just have been her nature. However she sure is in a hurry to rush through life. Continue reading →

Sisters – from the start {Siblings}


I knew the sibling experience would be great, I have siblings, I have sisters. But I never knew just how great it would be to be the mother in this scenario. It is the most exciting thing to witness and be part of and feels like a huge privilege that I get to watch. I just cannot wait to see it evolve. Yes, there will be ups and downs but I hope they are friends, I hope that when they are grown they will need each other, they have each other and they support one another through life. There really is nothing like the sibling relationship. The protection is fierce. Having a sibling is the best. Continue reading →

I Made Her

Little Ladies Big World R's Birth Story

Often the weeks before a birthday there is an element of reflection, especially I think a child’s first birthday when there is the inevitable “this time last year” conversations. Little R will be 1 in just over 2 weeks. And today, as I watch my 11 month old walk around like it’s nothing I think how small she looks, just a baby. At bedtime I try to get as much milk into her tummy as humanly possible in the hope she will settle to sleep so I can sign off and sit down! Then it dawns on me….. Continue reading →

“I am 5” {The Ordinary Moments #2}

DSC_0245 (2)

“Hello. I am 5”

To My Little Lady E

On 30th December you turned 5. Ever since that day a very ordinary moment has occurred…every day, on every occasion you can possibly get the words in you exclaim “Hello. I am 5”. It comes with such pride in your voice that you cannot help but smile. Whether this be to someone at the school gates, a friend or indeed anyone anywhere that happens to engage in conversation with you because my little lady you do like to talk! Continue reading →