A School Disco & Matching Halloween Outfits {The Ordinary Moments #37}

Halloween outfit witch matching sisters and disco

You know when you are a child and something makes you so excited that you can barely think of anything else in the run up to it? This was my eldest little lady this week. On Thursday she had her Halloween disco and for over a week she has been counting down the days on waking in the morning and talking all about what she would wear. By the time Thursday came around the grin was clear to see and as the bedroom door opened to greet us for the day, out bounded an extremely excited girl thinking about one thing alone. Dressing up. Continue reading →

Waving To The Bin Men {The Ordinary Moments #36}

Waving to bin men out of the window

The hum drum of the engine, the squeak of the brakes, the sound of the bins being wheeled across the pavement. And then a sudden shriek followed by thundering footsteps running up to the window. “Bin men coming. YAY. Bin men Mummy bin men”. Roma clambers up onto the ottoman that stands in front of the window and looks out with wonder as they pull up right outside the house. Continue reading →

Sisters – October {Siblings}

Sisters Siblings

It has been 5 years and 9 months since I called myself Mama. In that moment my life, myself, changed forever in the most wonderful way I could ever have imagined. I thought that was the pinnacle. BUT. It has been 20 months since I became a mother of two. Since I could actually use the words I had been dreaming of for so long. My children. My Little Ladies. My Girls. My Two. Continue reading →

My Hyperemesis Baby Loss Story

baby loss two little ladies one missing termination in pregnancy hyperemesisGrief is a funny old thing. It can hit you when you least expect it, for little to no reason at all or the slightest memory reminds you of the hurt that is hiding away just below the surface. Today as I went about my normal day it hit me. Consumed me. All I could feel was grief, guilt, anger, sadness and disappointment. As I went about my day my only thought was trying to stop the tears from flowing. Continue reading →

Our French Adventure – The Ferry

Ferry to France with Children 5 year old looking out of porthole

When we first found out that we would be spending the summer in Northern France with Eddy’s work of course our first consideration was travel. With two young children and a whole month to cater for it seems a natural decision to bypass the restricted leg room and luggage allowance of a plane ride, the torture of being cooped up in the car for what would feel like days on end when the littlest isn’t exactly a huge fan and head straight to the Ferry. Continue reading →

Making Adult Birthdays Special {The Ordinary Moments #34}

Making birthdays special as an adult me and eddy on the night out that lasted 45 mins

Birthdays, that 1 day in the year to celebrate you. The day that everyone treats differently, everyone has their own traditions, their own unique take on what makes a birthday special, where there is no right or wrong but there is usually cake! Continue reading →

Me and Mine – September 2016

Me and Mine Family Photo september golden autumn light sitting on the grass

September has been a month of adjustment. After an amazing August in France, the last few weeks have been ordinary and busy as we have settled into being back. I still remember that feeling, that surge of familiarity as we pulled onto the drive, the utter joy and calm as we fell into our own bed after so long. As we sunk into the mattress, felt the clean crisp sheets and my head hit my very own pillow in almost slow motion to start the best nights sleep ever. I welcomed the click of an electric kettle which only takes 2 minutes to boil, to drink water from the tap again became a relief and to turn on the television and be greeted by a language I fully understand!

Continue reading →

A Big Girls Bed {The Ordinary Moments #33}

19 month old in toddler bed from a cot cuddling toys

I remember the day. The exciting day almost 2 years ago when having just passed the 20 weeks stage of pregnancy, we put together the cot ready for our second little lady to enter the world. The day that made it feel so much more real. We had a nursery, it seemed so exciting yet so surreal. Continue reading →