We’re Finally Getting Sleep {The Ordinary Moments #39}


Ok so the title is slightly misplaced as I haven’t been very well with my chest the last couple of weeks so I haven’t been sleeping much at all. I’m in the bleary eyed state of a mama with a newborn and the tell tale sting in my eyes. However, everybody else is finally getting some sleep! Continue reading →

Me and Mine – October 2016

Me and Mine October Autumn family photos
As I sit down to write these posts its so hard to talk about our month. What has October given us? I struggle to think about what we did yesterday nevermind remember the whole month! But as I look through photos and remind myself of what every one of these 31 days has given us I know that it has been a good one.

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No More Milk Please {The Ordinary Moments #38}

eva at 5 in bedroom with books and milk

As a mother I am used to things changing. In that very first moment that I set eyes on my baby girl and held her close to my chest everything changed and since then, it’s pretty constant. No sooner have they (and you) settled into one phase than its time for the next. When I think I have got something nailed they decide otherwise, to change the rules and that that is not the way to handle it anymore. From cluster feeding as a baby, the way I would wind them over my shoulder, the way they like to sleep and when, all the way up to how they like to style their hair or what their favourite book is.  Continue reading →

A French Sunset – A Night To Remember

sunset over the sea in france

I’ve had some pretty amazing nights in my life.

The night I threw a coin over my shoulder into the Trevi fountain in Rome and it fast became my favourite city. Where the sky was black but the buildings were mesmerizingly beautiful, lit up with the most amazing golden light mixed with the blue/green hue from the water. Where I couldn’t hear the noise of the crowds of people standing around, just the fountains splashing water down over the many many coins of good luck sitting hopefully at the bottom of the water. Continue reading →

A School Disco & Matching Halloween Outfits {The Ordinary Moments #37}

Halloween outfit witch matching sisters and disco

You know when you are a child and something makes you so excited that you can barely think of anything else in the run up to it? This was my eldest little lady this week. On Thursday she had her Halloween disco and for over a week she has been counting down the days on waking in the morning and talking all about what she would wear. By the time Thursday came around the grin was clear to see and as the bedroom door opened to greet us for the day, out bounded an extremely excited girl thinking about one thing alone. Dressing up. Continue reading →

Waving To The Bin Men {The Ordinary Moments #36}

Waving to bin men out of the window

The hum drum of the engine, the squeak of the brakes, the sound of the bins being wheeled across the pavement. And then a sudden shriek followed by thundering footsteps running up to the window. “Bin men coming. YAY. Bin men Mummy bin men”. Roma clambers up onto the ottoman that stands in front of the window and looks out with wonder as they pull up right outside the house. Continue reading →